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20 days (give or take a few hours)

August 29, 2009

In 20 days, my youngest sister (the baby of the family) will be trading in her single status and become a Mrs!  They’re keeping it small which is just their style but we’ll all flood them with well wishes and lots of love.  My sister and her fiance complement each other perfectly and I’m so happy they’ve found each other and have chosen to spend their lives together.  I am still wondering if their little family zoo 3 dogs will be in attendance?! 

We ❤ you Beckie and Kyle…. Congrats!


14 week check up

August 8, 2009

Our 14 week pre-natal check up was this week and we all went (mommy, daddy, and peanut).  Everything is right on track and we got to hear our little bean’s heartbeat.  Peanut’s eyes were huge when he got to “hear the baby” and I don’t think daddy could’ve had a bigger smile!  We also found out that we have another active one; everytime the dr caught the heartbeat the baby would flip flop and we’d have to find it again!