New Date New Location

November 11, 2009

June 12, 2010 is the official-not changing it again-I might lose my mind! Wedding Date

Okay so here’s the deal … the original location for our wedding (ceremony and reception) has closed it’s doors!  So we were left to change almost everything.  Lucky I didn’t have too many Save The Date cards completed so I’m reworking those now and hopefully will have a sample to post soon.  Our centerpieces and decorations are staying the same (thank goodness) and I’ve been working like crazy on those and finally have a very rough sample pic to post.  Next step is to complete Save the Date cards and start on the invitations.

The general plan *hope this one doesn’t change* is to have a “Backyard Wedding” at my parents house… yes this does add quite a bit of planning to my plate but I’m hoping to have most of the planning done and ready to go before I deliver.  (yeah not much time but then again it will be hard enough to finish the details with a 2 year old and an infant clinging to me!)


Centerpiece Sample


One comment

  1. Very exciting!! Dont forget to ask for help, Im sure your sisters will be happy to help out.
    Love you all

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