Let it Snow…MAKE IT STOP!!!

February 10, 2010

yeah yeah the snow is so pretty … snow is pretty when I see it coating the branches in a city park ON TV! Here it’s cold and heavy and turns to slush and ice and is a vicous circle. It causes people to drive 5 mph in a 55 zone and gives everyone an even worse case of cabin fever.
Having a toddler does make the snowstorm we are having a little more enjoyable because he loves to build “frosties” (snowmen), he loves to have daddy give him “fun rides” (pull him around on the sled), and Loves to shovel and help daddy snowblow. His favorite thing to do is plow with papa; he knows how to push the buttons and make the plow go up and down too!
As for me, I’m going to continue to hide in my living room and dread tomorrow morning. Catch a few shows (tonight is fend for yourself left over night because the fridge is full of yummy left overs) and maybe get to bed early (before 11:30 would be a welcome change). I’ll leave you with these:


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