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Everyday update

December 3, 2009

We had another ultrasound the Monday before Thanksgiving, our little man is growing strong. He is weighing in at 3lb 6 oz and has already turned (head down face down) so we weren’t able to see his precious face much. *although we did get a peek at that cute little baby tooshie! Mommy’s next check up is scheduled for December 8th and we’ll see if the dr will be changing my due date or not.
Thanksgiving went well; we grubbed at my parents’ house and spent the day being lazy!!
This week has brought about some crazy and exhausting times. My mom was rushed to the hospital on Sunday night with abdominal pain and chest pains that came and went. It’s now Thursday and they found a small issue that they believe is causing her pain and will be doing surgery(it’s and “outpatient” procedure) to attempt to help the tear heal.  If all goes well and she’s not in too much pain she is supposed to be discharged tonight…. our hopes and prayers are with you mom.  We love you

On another note, I’ve been nesting cleaning and organizing the house for our little guy’s arrival.  I’ve also been on a bit of a crafty kick.  I have Braydon’s scrapbook caught up to date, I have the pages and whatnot organized to start my pregnancy/Gavyn’s scrapbook, the wedding save the dates have been sent out, all the wedding favors are made and ready to go, Christmas cards are sitting on my counter waiting to be mailed, we trimmed the tree and decorated the house (we did a lot of home made decorations this year too!!), I made a new skirt for our tree (or as braydon likes to call it a “tree mankey” *blankey* for those of you who don’t speak braydon), I am working on the tie blanket for braydon and all the rest of the christmas gifts are either made or purchased and are for the most part all wrapped!!! Phew it’s been a busy past 2 weeks!

To top it all off, my poor little guy has a head cold and I’m exhausted!


New Date New Location

November 11, 2009

June 12, 2010 is the official-not changing it again-I might lose my mind! Wedding Date

Okay so here’s the deal … the original location for our wedding (ceremony and reception) has closed it’s doors!  So we were left to change almost everything.  Lucky I didn’t have too many Save The Date cards completed so I’m reworking those now and hopefully will have a sample to post soon.  Our centerpieces and decorations are staying the same (thank goodness) and I’ve been working like crazy on those and finally have a very rough sample pic to post.  Next step is to complete Save the Date cards and start on the invitations.

The general plan *hope this one doesn’t change* is to have a “Backyard Wedding” at my parents house… yes this does add quite a bit of planning to my plate but I’m hoping to have most of the planning done and ready to go before I deliver.  (yeah not much time but then again it will be hard enough to finish the details with a 2 year old and an infant clinging to me!)


Centerpiece Sample


So Many Changes

November 11, 2009

Last week I found out that I can no longer have my wedding at our chosen location 😦  So now it’s time to totally re-plan the entire thing (we were planning to have the ceremony and reception at the same location).  So the date, location, menu, invitations…. EVERYTHING have been changed and I will update with a post for each (hopefully).

Our lil man celebrated his 2nd birthday in October and I have tons of pics to post for that as well.  The pregnancy is going well; baby boy #2 is growing stronger and healthier everyday…. and therefor my belly bump is getting more and more swollen…. oh the joys!


Beckie and Kyle’s Wedding

September 23, 2009

CeremonyThe past weekend was a very bittersweet one!  My baby sister got married.  Her and her husband are perfect for each other and had a very simple but beautiful ceremony and reception at a local forest preserve.  They were married on Friday, September 18 and after the ceremony and the pictures were complete everyone changed into “play” clothes and enjoyed the reception and afternoon playing games, catching up, and becoming acquainted with the “new family members”.  I hope they enjoy the newlywed chapter of their lives and wish them all the best for the years to come!