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December 6, 2009

So Wednesday night I had to take little man to the ER (mind you I took him to the PEDIATRIC ER) because he was just miserable with his cold/cough/fever combination and was achy all over. They did a throat culture and the flu swap (and after having to do the throat culture a 2nd time because they screwed up the samples to be sent out to the lab) they told us both were negative and sent us home saying “it’s just a cold”. They didn’t seem to care about the horrible cough or the huge amount of boogies pouring out of the little guy’s nose. Well, I decided to go ahead and do his neb treatments at home to try easing the pain from the cough but it just wasn’t getting any better. So today we took him to his regular pediatrician and guess what?!?! He’s had croup (he didn’t have the “barking” cough because I had started the neb treatments on my own) and now he’s on the tail end of it with a swollen voicebox and sore throat and has a cold on top of it. So now he has to use 2 meds in the neb and if he’s not better by Tuesday he’ll start on an antibiotic.
What’s the deal with these “Doctors” lately?? I mean really, when a 2 year old can’t breath because he’s coughing and is so plugged up can’t you take an extra couple minutes to give me a correct diagnosis?? The pediatrician said there was no way they should’ve missed this (it’s not like croup is uncommon) and that they should’ve started him on a treatment right there in the ER (possibly while we waited the HOUR for the results of the swabs!)
Hopefully little guy will rest well tonight after his neb treatment and will start to feel better (and fast!)